Porting Linux to the VAX

This is a new site collecting all vax-linux related resources. You'll find a Wiki here in a moment, and a brand-new mailing list is already in place. Enjoy, and happy hacking!


Mailing list

There is a new mailing list, vax-linux@vax-linux.org, which is Mailman based and archived on the web. You can either subscribe through its web interface or by sending an email to vax-linux-subscribe@vax-linux.org. There's no specific Subject or command in the email's body needed.


We have a Wiki at http://vax-linux.org/VaxWiki/, feel free to use it!


There's not yet a lot of content to download, but you can find our GIT trees at GitWeb. Source code for the vax-linux kernel isn't in a good state right now, but at least the old GIT repos are linked at the Source Code page.


We're lurking on an IRC channel, please meet us at irc://irc.freenode.net/#vax. You can read the channel logs, too, but they they won't show up in search engines.